Blood Ravens Contemptor Dreadnought

I painted this Blood Ravens Contemptor a while back, and it’s another model I love from Forgeworld! The model itself is magnetised with two weapon options, an Assault Cannon and an Auto Cannon.

Blood Ravens Contemptor

Blood Ravens Contemptor

The model was painted in seperate sub assemblies – the torso, arms, legs, base and weapons. The red was painted using Gory Red (VGC) over a grey primer (Vallejo polyurethane). I then highlighted it with some Bloody Red (VGC) but not overly so, as I was going for a dark red look.

All of the metal on the chassis was done with Gun Metal (Army Painter), and then washed with Nuln Oil (GW). I don’t spend too much time on the metal other than getting a nice even coat – you can hardly see it on the contemptor.

The bone armour was painted using a base of Zandri Dust (GW) followed by Ushabti Bone (GW) and a line highlight of white.

Bllod Ravens Contemptor 2

Blood Ravens Contemptor

I used Forgeworld Decals to get the Blood Ravens logo, and built some individual markings using some of the options on the sheet. I really like how they turned out!

The weathering was done using a sponge, and Charadon Granite (GW) on the bone. I wanted to weather the red but didn’t want to over power the model, so just used a tiny bit of Fire Orange (VGC) and Gun Metal on the red to pick up some areas.

I hope you like this Blood Ravens Contemptor – please let me know if you have any comments or questions by commenting below!

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