Brother Khyron Lamenters Deathwatch Contemptor

Another Contemptor for you you, this time a Deathwatch Contemptor from the Lamenters Chapter.

Lamenters Contemptor 1

Lamenters Deathwatch Contemptor

My client wanted a replica of Brother Khyron, and I duly obliged! It was a great opportunity to use a different colour palette and do something completely different.

The model was primed black, apart from the one shoulder, which was primed grey, using Vallejo polyurethane primers. The metal areas were based with Gun Metal (Army Painter) and then washed with Nuln Oil (GW). The black was based with Vallejo Game Colour Black, applied in two thin coats.

To highlight the black, I used some Dawnstone (GW) and some Lahmian Medium (my new favourite toy). I edge highlighted everything using a detail brush and a sharp point. I didn’t go over board and the Lahmian medium meant that the grey was not too bright, so as to look like a cartoon.

The yellow was based with Averland Sunset (GW) and then highlighted with Ushabti Bone (GW). The recesses were done with Reikland Fleshshade (GW).

Lamenters Dreadnought 2

Lamenters Deathwatch Contemptor

I used Ceramite White (GW) in 3 or 4 very thin coats for the white parts, makeing sure that each layer was dry before moving on to the next. The checker patterns were made using thinned down black paint, and a very steady hand. I drew a grid and then filled in the appropriate boxes.

I free hand painted the Lamenters icon on the knee, however for the shoulder pad I used an Imperial Fist transfer, and simply filled in the white section with Ceramite White. The Heart and blood drop were then painted with Gory Red (VGC) and highlighted with Bloody Red (VGC).

The metal trim all around was painted with Plate Mail Metal (Army Painter) and then washed with Nuln Oil (GW). This was then highlighted with Shining Silver (Army Painter). The claw was painted in the same way.

Lamenters Dreadnought 3

Lamenters Deathwatch Contemptor

The scroll work was based with Dawnstone, and then highlighted by mixing in more and more Ghost Grey (VGC) in thin layers. the text was made with very watered down black.

The red eyes were made by painting the eyes Wolf Grey (VGC), and then highlighting with white. The eye was then glazed with some Baal Red for the effect.

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