Commission Painting

I accept all kinds of Commission Painting, for all game systems such as Warhammer 40K, Warmachine, Warhammer and Bolt Action. I am however slowly moving away from painting entire armies and focusing more on vehicles, single models and squads. The reason for this is simple – time!

If you have an entire army you are desperate to get painted, or a small detachment, then please get in touch as I will be willing to quote you for the work, it may just be schedule dependent.

All of my work will be completed to the highest standard I am capable of. I do not offer different options when it comes to painting, simply because I believe in giving the best service possible to my customers at all times. This means that if you commission me to paint anything for you, it will be completed to the standard you see see elsewhere here on the blog.

I have been painting on commission for around 7 years, and have a host of experience painting a wide range of models, from different games companies, and have worked on a freelance basis for Foundry Miniatures. I have also been privileged to have my work on display at Comic Con in San Diego (2013). Commission painting is a hobby that I have been fortunate enough to turn into an income. therefore you can be assured that I will be totally committed to your project and complete it to the level that it deserves.

In terms of pricing, I quote all items on a per-project-basis. This means that I will need to have a discussion with you in terms of the project scope to establish what you are looking for, which colours I will be using, which model parts and so forth. I have a set of guideline prices  I work too depending on the size of the project. Please contact me for more info.

Your commission painting project will be assembled to a high standard by myself, with all models cleaned, mold lines removed, and assembled to a professional standard prior to painting. This is included in the cost of the models. I base all models with polyurethane primer and use a range of paints to complete the work. On completion I seal all miniatures with some sating varnish for protection, before sending them out to you in a secure package.

You can see a range of miniatures that I have painted in the gallery

All that is left is for you to get in touch!