Dark Angels Librarian on Bike

dark angels librarian on bike

This Dark Angels Librarian on bike is one  of my favourite models. I built it using a standard space marine bike, some Dark Angel parts and a metal Librarian.

I made the Dark Angels Librarian by first cutting in half the librarian model from Games Workshop – this would have been a lot easier now as the model is resin – but I had it lying around for a while. I then modified the top of some Dark Angels Ravenwing robed legs (read: flattened them!) in order for the Librarian to fit. I then had to use a bit of green-stuff to make some new robes for the one side of the torso. Finally I made sure I dry fitted the torso to the legs and added a plastic biker arm to the model along with a plastic shoulder pad with a sword icon on it.

The bike is all plastic, and adorned with various Dark Angel bits and pieces, notably the book, scrolls and shrine on the back.

The base itself is just a standard bike base with cork base.

librarian on bike side 2

Painting was fairly straight forward – I used a black undercoat, primed with Vallejo polyurethane primer and then a base coat of Vallejo Imperial Blue. Over this I used VGC Magic Blue and then highlighted with VGC Wolf Grey. This was all done with an airbrush.

The robes were painted with Calthan Brown and worked up to Ushabti Bone and White (all GW).

The green areas on the the robe were based with Caliban green and then highlighted by adding small amounts of Ushabti Bone (both GW) into the mix.

The angel wings were painted using Dawnstone, followed by a Nuln Oil wash and then slowly highlighted up to white – again all GW colours.

I used a decal on the shoulder pad by trimming one of the standard Dark Angel decals available.

The base was built using torn off pieces of cork, undercoated black and then dry brushed with Dawnstone and then White. This this gave a stark look which is fin but I wanted something with a bit more grime. I washed the base with Agrax Earthshade (GW), and then watered down some red dust pigment (MIG Productions) and washed this all over the base. I added some dry pigment to the rider as well to blend him in. When dry, I gave the base a stiff dry brush (no paint) to disperse the pigment and make it look like dust.

I hope you like this Dark Angels Librarian on a Bike. Please comment and share it with your friends – any questions are welcomed!

librarian on bike front

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