Death Company Imperial Knights

Hi all – these Death Company Imperial Knights were completed as part of a commission piece.

Death Company Imperial Knight 1

The brief of the project was to complete two Imperial Knights in a Death Company theme, with minimal use of red and to make the knights look suitably evil! Both knights were also to have both weapon options.

I decided to use the same face mask, the one normally associated with the Mechanicum aligned knights, purely as it looks awesome and is the more evil looking of the three options.

Death Company Imperial Knight 2

I assembled the skeleton of the knight and left off all armour plates. I undercoated everything with Vallejo Polyurethane black primer, and then proceeded to cover the skeleton of the knight with Gun Metal (Army Painter) via the airbrush. Once this was completely dry, I used Secret Weapon Armour Wash through the airbrush to give the skeleton an oily look. I dry brushed with Necron Compund (GW) once the wash was dry to make sure that the edges popped a little. I also used Balthazar Gold (GW) with a Nuln Oil (GW) wash to colour some elements and break up all the silver.

Death Company Imperial Knight 3

I painted the eyes of the knights with a base of Gory Red (VGC) and then highlighted with Bloody Red (VGC) and Filthy Brown (VGC) to give a glowing red effect that reflects the rage of the Death Company.

Death Company Imperial Knight 4

I painted the trim of all the armour using Plate Mail Silver (Army Painter) and washed with Nuln Oil (GW). I then highlighted using Shining Silver (AP).

I re-touched the armour with black paint, and then proceeded to add a sharp line highlight of Dawnstone (GW) mixed with some Lahmian Medium (GW). Again this needs a brush with a good point and steady hand!

I painted the red elements by using various width masking tape (Tamiya). I made sure that it was firmly in place using a clay shaper, and then used Mephiston Red (GW) for the base, highlighted with Bloody Red (VGC)

These Death Company Imperial Knights were quite straight forward to paint in the end, but the effect was quite striking. I kept decals to a minimum, however added some accents here and there, as well as some skull iconography form the Imperial Knight sheets

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  • Chris Eyler

    These are awesome, great job! I might have to paint some of my own!

    Chris w/ Beer & Bolters 40k