Grey Knight Contemptor Dreadnoughts

I painted this pair of Grey Knight Contemptor Dreadnoughts a while back for a regular client. The Forgeworld Relic Contemptor is a great model and at only a few pounds more than the normal version, a no brainer for me in terms of which model to collect.

Grey Knights Contemptor 1

Grey Knights Contemptor

The weapon options on both models are magnetised, with alternative options available.

The model was painted by using Black Polyurethane Primer from Vallejo, and then basecoating the whole model with Gun Metal (Vallejo model air).

I then painted the model armour using an airbrush and Plate Mail Silver (Army Painter) and then highlighted this with Shining Silver (Army Painter).

This left the ‘skeleton’ of the model, i.e. the working parts. I just washed these with Nuln Oil (GW) to give a dark metal effect.

Grey Knights Contemptor 2

Grey Knights Contemptor

The Gold was done using Old Gold (Vallejo Liquid Gold) and then washing with Agrax Earthshade (GW) to mute it down a little.

The bases were made using cork, followed by a dry brush of Wolf Grey (VGC) and White.

Overall this is a fairly easy colour scheme to pull off, and can certainly be applied to normal Grey Knights as well. The technique does require an airbrush, as it employs a zenithal lighting effect in terms of the metal highlighting. It also needs a steady hand for the washing of the moving parts, so as not to get any on the brighter armour plates.

I do also have another method for painting Grey Knights that I will share with you soon – this involves the use of a brush as opposed to an airbrush, and will give you that blue steel armour given by the Aegis defense fields of the Grey Knights!

I’d love to know what you think of the models – have you tried to paint Grey knights in a similar way? Leave a comment below.

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