Imperial Fist Contemptor Dreadnought

Here’s an Imperial Fist contemptor dreadnought, magnetised with both an assault cannon and an auto-cannon on the right arm, with a flamer and close combat weapon on the left arm.

I painted this guy a little different to previous Imperial Fists I have done, just as a bit of an experiment in yellow really. I started off with a Black primer, and then used Vallejo Game Colour filthy brown as a base, with Sun Yellow as the main yellow colour, mixing white to highlight.

The effect is a little stark for me, and I have a unit of devastator centurions I painted the same way but have experimented using a yellow glaze. The result is much better – expect some pictures of that soon too!

Imperial Fist Contemptor with Assault Cannon

Imperial Fist Contemptor with Auto Cannon

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