Imperial Fists Sternguard

Here we have some Imperial Fists Sternguard! These models are the old metal version released with 5th edition Space Marines back in the day. Interestingly I have both the metal version, and the Finecast version – the metal version is 100 times better!

Imperial Fist Sternguard Front
This post will show case the Imperial Fists squad, as well as talk a little bit about how I did each part!

Imperial Fists Armour

Yellow can be a difficult colour to paint, but I find it quite easy with the colours and tools I use. In order to get a nice even yellow that doesn’t go lumpy, I use an airbrush. The colours I used for the above are all Vallejo Game Colour. I started by using a light grey primer (Vallejo polyurethane) and then based the minis with Filthy Brown – this will form the shadows on the armour. I then sprayed Golden yellow from above down to about a 45 degree angle. I did this in a couple of layers so the paint did not pool and I did not get any puddles. Finally I added some white to the golden yellow, turned the pressure on my compressor down, and added some sparing highlights. Be careful when doing this – too much white will really wash the mini out!

I used Reikland Flesh Shade mixed with a touch of Lahmian Medium to aid flow in order to do the recesses and armour joins.

Alternative method to Imperial Fists Yellow

My method is a bit involved as you need an airbrush etc. If you don’t have one of these, then fear not – you can still achieve a really good effect!

Start off by painting the mini with a white primer. As a base coat, use Averland Sunset, the new yellow base paint. Water it down and use a couple of coats so it doesn’t clog any details and goes on smooth. Take some Ushabti bone and do some line highlights where you think the light will hit – take your time doing this and use a good point on your brush. When you have done this, take some Lamenters Yellow glaze, and paint it all over the mini. It’s important that you keep the glaze moving and not let it pool. When it is dry you will have a nice vibrant yellow. You can keep adding more glaze (make sure the previous layer is dry first!) to get the yellow you want.

Imperial Fist Sternguard Rear

Imperial Fists Squad Markings

I decided, as this is a veteran squad, to make each member unique. I decided that the squad would have a unique colour pattern to mark them out as being from the same squad. I started with the Sergeant, painting the banner with red and black halves and a white Fist icon. This pattern is also followed on the shoulder pad and left knee, with the fist icon and squad number respectively over painted. All of the fists in this squad were free hand painted.

Imperial Fist Sternguard Sergeant

The other squad members then had this replicated across them in various areas – on knee pads and shoulder pads:

Imperial Fist Sternguard WalkingImperial Fist Sternguard combi meltaImperial Fist Sternguard GunnerImperial Fists Sternguard pointing

Painting White

White is another difficult colour to paint, unless it is done with a bit of patience and effort. For my models, I never go to absolute white – using pure white only as an edge highlight.

I start of by using a base of Wolf Grey (VGC). I put this on in a couple of thin layers. Then I was with Nuln Oil (GW) in the recesses. Once this is dry i touch up the Wolf Grey.

The white colour itself is actually Ghost Grey (VGC). I paint this on again in a couple of thinned layers, ensuring I do not get any streaks.

Once this is done, I add a sharp line highlight with pure white on all the edges of the model.

You can see an alternative method of painting white here:

I hope this post has been helpful – if so please share with your friends or comment below with any questions or suggestions!


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