Raven Guard Damocles Command Rhino

Here we have a Raven Guard Damocles Command Rhino painted as part of a commission piece. The model is of course from Forgeworld, as are the decals that I used for it.

Raven Guard Damocles Rhino

The scheme is fairly simple, with the weathering being the main focus area as my client requested that it look battered. The interior of the tank also needed to be painted, and I did this by leaving the two control operative out of the vehicle. In hindsight, I should have also painted the interior prior to assembly – brushes apparently don’t go round corners!! I have always done this in the past but for osme reason this time it passed me by!

The interior was painted with Zandri Dust, washed heavily with Seraphim Sepia and then dry brushed with Ushabti Bone, all GW colours. The screens were painted with Caliban Green, Then highlighted with Snot Green and then again with Scorpian Green – again all GW paints.

Ravenguard Rhino Interior 1

The black itself was easy – just a simple undercoat using Vallejo Ployurethane Black Primer. I didn’t highlight the tank, as the weathering would occur on most highlighted areas, so this was more of a time saver. I highlighted the armour on the operative using Dawnstone mixed with some Lahmian Medium (both GW) as well as a fine brush tip and a lot of patience! This was actually quite a fun part of the job for me and I could be encouraged to finally finish the Black Templar Sword Bretheren I have lying around!

Ravenguard Damocles interior 2
The skin for the operatives was done with Rakarth Flesh and Reikland Flesh shade, highlighted back up to Rakarth Flesh.

Weathering the Raven Guard Damocles Command Rhino

This was one of the best parts. Weathering is pretty easy and I will be doing a video tutorial on this in the future. Black is a little tougher to weather however, but you just have to go for it!

The interior was weathered using some foam (ripped off a blister foam) and Charadon Granite (GW). Simple put some paint on the pallet, dip you foam/sponge into the paint and then wipe it all off on a tissue or bit of card. To apply, simply lightly dab the sponge/foam onto the area you want to weather. In the case of the interior, this was all around the rear door where it would contact the chassis, as well as on the foot treads where people would be entering and exiting the vehicle, and all over the floor, bench and control console.

For the Rhino exterior, exactly the same technique was used, however the colours were Brass Scorpion first (GW) and then Shining Silver (Army Painter). The brass colour represents the oldest most corroded parts. This is a lot more precise way of weathering as opposed to using the salt method, which I will preview soon. This stage of the weathering always focuses on the forward most edges, i.e. the bits that will be moving towards the enemy!

I also added in some dry brushes of bolt gun metal here (GW) to represent the treads kicking up rocks and stones, which gives the a streaky look to paint damage.

I hope you like the Raven Guard Damocles Command Rhino – please comment below with any questions or suggestions – I look forward to hearing from you!


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