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Sergeant telion front 2

Scout Sergeant Telion

I painted this Scout Sergeant Telion for fun as I love the model and the concept, if not the in game effectiveness. The armour was painted using Ultramarines Blue (VGC) and highlighted by mixing...

Imperial Fist Sternguard Front 0

Imperial Fists Sternguard

Here we have some Imperial Fists Sternguard! These models are the old metal version released with 5th edition Space Marines back in the day. Interestingly I have both the metal version, and the Finecast...

dark angels librarian on bike 0

Dark Angels Librarian on Bike

This Dark Angels Librarian on bike is one  of my favourite models. I built it using a standard space marine bike, some Dark Angel parts and a metal Librarian. I made the Dark Angels...