Tau Cadre Fireblade

Greetings! I painted this Tau Cadre Fireblade a while ago, again because I thought it was a pretty cool model and partly because I’ve never painted any Tau.

Tau Cadre Fireblade Front

The model itself is very nice in terms of its makeup – one plastic frame in a blister, and is definitely the way forward for special characters – none of this Finecast nonsense!

I started the model by priming with Vallejo Polyurethane Grey primer. I then based the armour with Filthy Brown (VGC). I then washed Reikland Flesh Shade (GW) into the recesses, and tidied any overspill with the Filthy Brown. I highlighted the armour using a fine line/edge highlight of Filthy Brown mixed with Ushabti Bone (GW).

I painted the Tau skin using a base of Sombre Grey (VGC). I then washed this with a Gulliman Blue (GW) glaze. I left the blue in the recesses and then reapplied the Sombre Grey. To highlight, I mixed in some Wolf Grey (VGC) and applied this, adding more Wolf Grey to the mix until I had the look I wanted.

Tau Cadre Fireblade Back

I painted the cloak with a base of Sombre Grey, and then layered up using more and more Wolf Grey mixed in – it’s important at this stage to keep your paint thin, and make sure each layer is dry before applying the next one. I finished the cloak by applying a sharp line highlight of pure white on the most raised surfaces.

The white on the shoulder guard was painted slightly differently to the cloak, and was done using several thin layers of Ghost Grey (VGC) and an edge highlight of Ceramite White (GW)

I finished off the rest of the clothing using the old Scorched Earth (GW) and highlighting with a touch of Ushabti Bone mixed in. I painted the markings on the cloak with Filthy Brown and the markings in the blade with Ceramite White.

I hope that you like this Tau Cadre Fireblade, and welcome any comments or questions you may have!