Ultramarines Praetor in Terminator Armour

Hello! Here is an Ultramarines praetor in terminator armour. I absolutely love this model – Forgeworld did a great job with it!

Ultramarines praetor in terminator armour

I decided on painting this guy as an Ultramarine, as I haven’t really done that many boys in blue (I now have a couple of projects sitting on my desk!).

I went for a darker look to match the pre heresy theme of the model, and I think it worked out ok!

The model was primed black, and then airbrushed with Ultramarine Blue (Vallejo Game Colour). This gave a nice even coating. I used Nuln Oil (GW) in the recesses and mixed some Wolf Grey (VGC) with Ultramarine Blue for the first sharp highlight. I added a bit more Wolf Grey into the mix for the final highlight. When doing this stage it’s important to thin your paint and use a brush with a good point!

Ultramarines praetor in terminator armour back

The gold was painted using Vallejo Liguid Gold – I used Red Gold as I had no Old Gold left. I then washed this with Leviathan Purple (GW) and then, when it was dry, Agrax Earthsade – also GW.

The leather was done using Gory Red (VGC), followed by an Agrax Earthshade wash and another layer of Gory Red. Mephiston Red (GW) was used as a spot highlight

Ultramarines praetor in terminator armour face

For the face, I tried out something different – I used the Andrea miniatures skin system, and worked my way throughout the various shades. I added some Leviathan Purple to add a bit of depth – in the future I will look at combining the Andrea flesh tones with the GW washes a bit to add some contrast.

I hope you like this Ultramarines praetor in terminator armour – let me know if you have any comments or questions!

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